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Selasa, April 21, 2009

'Syabas' To President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

From Aljazeera News

....Delegates' protest

Dozens of delegates walked out of the UN conference on racism on Monday after Ahmadinejad, Iran's president, called Israel a "racist government".

Ahmadinejad told delegates at the summit in Geneva on Monday that after the second world war the US and other nations had established a "cruel, oppressive and racist regime in occupied Palestine".

"The UN security council has stabilised this occupation regime and supported it in the last 60 years giving them a free hand to continue their crimes," he said at the Durban Review Conference hall on Monday.

Dozens of diplomats from countries including Britain and France left the hall in protest as he made the remarks.

Many delegates who remained in the hall applauded Ahmadinejad's comments.

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